Connecting is key

We relish challenges, regardless of their size or characteristics.

This is why we work on very different projects, placing them on the same level and devoting to them the time they need, because we understand that all projects matter when it comes to developing global solutions.
A contact always available, with a solution ready.

ico-cloud-1 SYSTEMS

From our platform as a Telecommunications Operator we have been managing system projects of all kinds for more than 20 years. Projects featuring large magnitudes and volumes, or with several platforms involved, conflicting needs, etc. This amassed experience is what we now make available to our clients, adapting great solutions to small environments.

ico-conectividad-3 COMMUNICATIONS

Companies’ operational universes are increasingly oriented towards work in several locations, such that communications are increasingly critical. Designs tailored to each company’s specific needs are essential. Managing where to access, how to access, and how much, can become a real headache. Resolving these issues is what sets us apart on the market, as we take a comprehensive approach and provide unique and responsive solutions.

ico-vozip-2 TELEPHONY

1, 10, 500 or 5,000 phones. Significant differences that may decide what provider to choose. In Genetsis we prepare solutions adapted to any volume. Satisfying our clients’ requirements and tailoring our solutions to them is what gives us the flexibility to handle them all.

ico-seguridad-2 SECURITY

Security is an issue present in all our decisions. We carry out security analysis on all the projects we undertake. But, how do you determine your security level? There are solutions for every ecosystem. Any security need can be covered. The most important thing is to know what solution you need, and not in terms of the concept, but rather the level. Our approach is based on addressing business continuity, information leakage, access control, vulnerabilities, Data Protection Legislation… a partner that really engages with the company’s ecosystem, to ensure solutions that are not just effective, but efficient.

ico-conectividad-2 WI-FI SYSTEMS

WI-FI communication is still a great unknown. Despite its widespread implementation, we continue to view it as just another form of access, when it is really much more. The technology behind it boasts many more capabilities than cable. It gives us more information, and with it we can manage more utilities. Today we fail to exploit all its capacity for businesses, but at Genetsis we specialize in developing WIFI environments from two angles, both technical and commercial, facilitating the development of our clients’ businesses.